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What Does Chiropractic Treat?

Most of our patients are recommended to us by friends and family. An increasing number come on referral or recommendation from their GP or consultant, who recognise that often we can help when they cannot.

Scans and x-rays offer only a static snapshot image and cannot identify joints or muscles that are not working properly. Therefore images classed as ‘normal’, or showing arthritis or ‘wear and tear’ can be useless in identifying the reason for your discomfort.  Only a thorough physical examination can reveal whether joints, muscles, ligaments and nerves function properly.  Even reported misalignments and crumbling discs can be ‘red herrings’.


At Park View Clinic we tailor the treatment to each individual patient’s needs and we do not use ‘one size fits all’ treatment regimes.

We aim to maintain a friendly yet professional clinic atmosphere, where everyone matters - especially our patients who count on us.

We are are registered members of the Bupa Chiropractic Network and our chiropractors are accepted by Axa/PPP and most other insurers.

The principal practitioners work in the clinic. All of our associates have worked with us for a number years ensuring the quality and the continuity of your care.

Every therapist regularly attends courses and seminars updating their skills to make use of the latest research findings to provide the best up-to-date care.

Our chiropractors master a selection of chiropractic techniques allowing us to treat people of all ages:

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