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Acupuncture Awareness Week

Acupuncture and Stress

A new study of 5000 UK residents indicates that over half of us are more stressed than ten years ago. To feel better a third of us comfort eats and a quarter turns to alcohol causing weight gain in a fifth of the population.

70% admits to just putting up with prolonged high stress levels despite realising that it has a detrimental effect on their health. Two thirds say that the stress is unavoidable.

Lack of time, wanting to have it all, and difficulty in switching off from work are the top three reasons for the rise in burnt out Brits.

Stress symptoms include anxiety, nausea, insomnia, headaches and stomach pains. Consuming junk food and alcohol only adds to the pressure. Whereas it may feel better short term, it does not root out the problem.

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture has been an integral part of Chinese medicine for over 2000 years but only 4% of the UK population have tried it. It can be an effective and evidence based first step in getting high stress levels under control.


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